Fasting After Cheat Day: How to do it Right?

How to Correctly Fast After a Cheat Day

One concept that many of us struggle to accept is that it’s okay to have a cheat day during fasting. A cheat day in fasting and dieting is like a rest day for people who prefer to exercise at the gym. What matters is how you conduct your cheat day and how you get back to fasting after cheat day.

How to Bounce Back to your Fasting Routine after Cheat Day

Fasting is much more than simply staying away from food or certain types of foods. It requires a plan, patience and, most of all, flexibility. Some people make the mistake of fasting without preparing, planning their meals and scheduling their fasting periods.

You can’t just go cold turkey on food. Your body needs food to survive, grow and create the bursts of energy you need for your day. If you approach fasting without a plan, you increase your chances of having an unplanned cheat day. Such days will often leave you feeling low, guilty, unmotivated and angry towards yourself.

Why It’s Important to Have Cheat Days during Fasting Periods

It’s important to plan your fasting. And as you do so, include a cheat day in the schedule. Your cheat day is when you allow yourself to break your fasting cycle and indulge in foods you naturally enjoy.

Cheat days are beneficial because they restore the glycogen you lost due to sustained calorie deficit. They also give you a mental and psychological break from a strict diet or fasting schedule. You are more likely to stick to your fasting schedule if you indulge once in a while.

How to Fast after a Cheat Day

Okay, you now know the importance of having a cheat day. Whether you plan it or not, you may feel tempted to keep indulging the day or days following the cheat day. One cheat day can quickly turn into back-to-back cheat days if you don’t plan for them. Here are four tips to help you get back to fasting after your cheat day.

Forgive and Accept

If your cheat day was unplanned and impulsive, acknowledge that it happened and forgive yourself. Remember that you are human and are bound to make mistakes. Try not to beat yourself down, but focus on improving your fasting schedule to ensure it does not happen again.

Prepare for the Day after Cheat Day

Prepare for the day following your cheat day to ensure you don’t keep indulging in the meals. One way to do this is by getting rid of the meals you had on your cheat day and stocking your house with healthy alternatives.

Another way is by planning your fasting routine after cheat day. For example, you can decide not to eat anything for the next 16 to 24 hours after your cheat day. You can also choose to drink only water or have one meal for the whole day.

Eat Healthy after Cheat Day

Some cheat days can leave you feeling bloated. To minimize this issue, drink plenty of water and eat smaller meal portions. Your meal after the cheat day should include healthy options such as vegetables, fruits, and organic foods. Avoid carbonated drinks and processed foods.

Closing Thoughts: Plan Ahead

Cheat days leave you feeling like you are doing something wrong. However, by planning, you have no reason to feel guilty. It’s okay to have a cheat day as long as you do it correctly. Make sure you plan for the day following your cheat day and eat clean.

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